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First released in August 2008, the URJ-UCCS, publishes high quality undergraduate research produced at the university.

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Vol 13, No 2

Due to CSURF 2020's cancellation, the UCCS Undergraduate Research Journal is honored to publish some of the posters that would have been on display at the event.

Table of Contents


2020 CSURF Editorial Introduction PDF
Addison Rhodes, Kirsten Reichardt


The Salience of Color-blindness Among Students of Color: Racial Microaggressions and their Impact on Campus Racial Climate PDF
Sung Ahn
Views of Emotion in Adulthood: The Role of Caregiver Meta-Emotional Philosophy PDF
Beatriz Avelar
Determining the Effect of Galectin Insertion on Membrane Organization PDF
Danielle Browne, Yvonne Weissbarth
Building a Better Droplet Generator: Examination of Brown University Harris Laboratory's Schematics and Design PDF
Nicolette Clark
Hoary Bats (Lasiurus cinereus) Forego Echolocation During Flight PDF
Annalise Hopkins, Kacie Quigley
Using Deep Learning for Quantifying Bat Flight Maneuvering PDF
Emmy Hynes, Emily Patton
A Study Examining the Reliability of Identification & Validity of Ventilatory Thresholds in Relation to Human Endurance Performance PDF
Miramani Lenzini, Elizabeth Hubbell, Addison Rhodes
Binding Analysis of Factor H Related Proteins with C3d PDF
Aleesa Muir
UCCS Moontain Lions Almost Mars Lunar Base Design PDF
Lindsey Nast, Noble Kilman, Paul Park, Dylan Hansen, Ronan Summers, Douglas Wilcox
Investigating the Characteristics of Middle-Aged and Older Adults Who Do and Do Not Seek Memory Screenings PDF
Alexandra Robledo
Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Determine the Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Curcumin PDF
William Stone
Holloman Air Force Base High Speed Test Track Rocket Prototype PDF
Jackson Trent, Nicholas Curtis, Matthew Olsen
Characterizing a Novel Engineered Therapeutic Agent to Reverse Lupus Symptoms PDF
Brianna Vigil
Towards Understanding the EBV gp350-Complement Receptor 2 Interaction PDF
Michael Wheeler