Vol. 16 No. 1

El Conejo Malo: How Bad Bunny Embodies Decoloniality in Performance

Brianna Leyva
University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Published 2023-05-02


  • popular culture,
  • reggaeton,
  • feminism,
  • Latin America,
  • Caribbean,
  • Puerto Rico,
  • decolonization,
  • perreo,
  • music,
  • activism
  • ...More

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Leyva, B. (2023). El Conejo Malo: How Bad Bunny Embodies Decoloniality in Performance. URJ-UCCS: Undergraduate Research Journal at UCCS, 16(1). Retrieved from https://urj.uccs.edu/index.php/urj/article/view/560


This research explores how reggaetón artist Bad Bunny embodies decolonization. I conduct a content analysis of his work using decolonial performance theory to better understand how Bad Bunny has come to understand or show the world his own journey of decoloniality. I use the concept of Ricanness created by Sandra Ruiz to better understand decolonial performance theory and how it relates back to Puerto Rico. I navigate how Bad Bunny’s art has embodied Ricanness as an artist from Puerto Rico who has quickly become one of the biggest Latin artists in the world.