Vol 9, No 2

Table of Contents


Editorial Introduction PDF
Erin Halverson 1-2
Acknowledgements PDF
Erin Halverson 3


Disconnect of Intent: The Disparity Between Teacher Intention and Student Interpretation Concerning Page Requirements in College Writing PDF
Christopher James Varano 4-14
Milk, Moo, or Man Made? PDF
Jordan Elizabeth Cunningham 15-21
Numerical Studies of the KP Line Solitons PDF
Michelle Osborne, Tommy McDowell 22-32
Variation of Properties during a Vessel Discharge PDF
Aida Ferro Ardanuy 33-40
To What End: Machiavelli, Natural Law, and Politics PDF
Zachary D Rogers 41-46
Driving Tyranny Home: A Narrative Consideration of Pavelensky's Fixation PDF
Christopher M. Bacavis 47-50